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   1.  About the U.S. Border Patrol
   2.  Answers to Logical Reasoning Practice Test
   3.  Are Border Patrol Agents compensated for overtime work?
   4.  Are there special retirement benefits?
   5.  Are trainees required to learn the Spanish language?
   6.  As a Border Patrol Agent, where will I be stationed?
   7.  Basic Qualifications
   8.  Border Patrol Agent Uniform
   9.  Border Patrol Nothing New to National Guard
   10.  Border Patrol Operations Courses
   11.  Can I bring my family to the Academy while I am in training? What about my car?
   12.  CBP Border Patrol Academy
   13.  Conditions of Employment
   14.  Do I have to pass a drug screening test?
   15.  Do I have to speak Spanish to join the U.S. Border Patrol?
   16.  Do I have to take a Polygraph Test in addition to having a Background Investigation?
   17.  Do trainees have to buy uniforms?
   18.  Does the Credibility Assessment Division (Polygraph Unit) decide if I get hired?
   19.  Driver Training
   20.  Equipment used by U.S. Border Patrol Agents
   21.  Firearms Training
   22.  Glossary of Grammatical Terms
   23.  Grammatical Rules for the Artificial Language
   24.  History of the U.S. Border Patrol
   25.  How difficult or rigorous is the training?
   26.  How do I apply to be a CBP Border Patrol Agent?
   27.  How long does a background investigation take and why do some investigations take longer than others?
   28.  How long does it take to get hired after you receive a tentative offer letter?
   29.  How much overtime and shift work?
   30.  How should I prepare for the polygraph examination?
   31.  How will I know if I will continue in the application process?
   32.  I am currently in the National Guard. Can I be a Border Patrol Agent?
   33.  I am the spouse of an applicant. What will my life be like at the new duty station?
   34.  I have a shoplifting conviction (or other misdemeanor crime conviction). Will that keep me out of the Border Patrol?
   35.  I have experience working with canines (or I just want to work with canines). What are my chances of getting a dog handler position?
   36.  I have heard I have a choice in the entrance examination to take either a Spanish test or something called an Artificial Language Test. What should I do?
   37.  Introduction to Manual
   38.  Is housing supplied?
   39.  Is my military service creditable for retirement?
   40.  Is the Pre-Employment Fitness Test (PFT 1) different from the medical exam?
   41.  Is there an age limit in the Border Patrol?
   42.  Logical Reasoning Practice Test
   43.  Medical Qualification Requirements
   44.  National Guard
   45.  National Guard, Border Patrol Team Up
   46.  Physical Techniques
   47.  Preparing for Logical Reasoning Questions
   48.  Preparing for the Artificial Language Test
   49.  Sample Logical Reasoning Test
   50.  Sample Logical Reasoning Test Answers
   51.  Sample Questions for the Spanish Language Proficiency Test
   52.  Should family members accompany the trainees to the duty station?
   53.  Spanish TBLT Program
   54.  Strategy of the U.S. Border Patrol
   55.  Test Tips
   56.  The Border Patrol Agent Hiring Process
   57.  What about expenses and costs in the first year?
   58.  What about expenses at the Academy?
   59.  What about salary deductions and insurance benefits?
   60.  What are my chances for advancement in the Border Patrol?
   61.  What are some of the training requirements during the first year of employment as a BPA?
   62.  What are the federal leave benefits?
   63.  What are the key requirements to become a Border Patrol Agent
   64.  What are the major activities or duties of a Border Patrol Agent?
   65.  What are the Medical Requirements for a Border Patrol Agent?
   66.  What are the pay grades and salary levels for being a Border Patrol Agent?
   67.  What are the possible outcomes of the polygraph exam?
   68.  What are the work hours like in the U.S. Border Patrol?
   69.  What happens when I finish all the hiring process requirements?
   70.  What is a security clearance?
   71.  What is adjudication and what is involved in the adjudication process?
   72.  What is Quality Control?
   73.  What is the “Oral Board”?
   74.  What is the Border Patrol and what is its mission?
   75.  What is the CBP Border Patrol entrance examination like?
   76.  What is the difference between Suitability and Security?
   77.  What is the pay and benefits package?
   78.  What is the PFT2?
   79.  What is the training like?
   80.  What is the Veterans Education Benefits Program?
   81.  What kind of inquiries will CBP make into my background?
   82.  What should I do if I would like to apply for a Border Patrol Agent position but am currently in the military and won’t be able to start work for a couple of years?
   83.  What type of questions will be asked?
   84.  What types of issues would render me unsuitable for employment?
   85.  When will I start getting paid?
   86.  Who pays travel costs?
   87.  Why are you going to investigate me? I’m only applying for an entry-level job and I don’t need a security clearance.
   88.  Will the Credibility Assessment Division (Polygraph Unit) contact me again after the Polygraph Exam?

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