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Border Patrol Operations Courses

The Academy law program consists of five (5) separate courses. Successful completion of the combined courses requires the intern to attain a minimum overall average of 70%.

  • Nationality Law teaches the basic trainee how to determine whether a person being questioned is: 1) an alien, 2) a citizen of the United States, or 3) a national of the United States.
  • Immigration Law teaches the basic trainee to verify the classification of aliens, determine the legality of status, recognize violations, and initiate the appropriate action.
  • Applied Authority teaches the basic intern to recognize violations of Federal criminal statutes and either take appropriate action, with regard to laws under Department of Homeland Security purview, or make referral to another Federal agency of primary jurisdiction. It also teaches the basic intern the primary statutes, implementing regulations and court decisions from which a Border Patrol Agent derives his or her authority to act in any given situation.

Operations 1 and 2 provide training on the tasks agents perform in the field. The Operations courses provide practical labs so that interns can experience hands-on training to make the curriculum come alive.

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  • Seth

    Just wanted to let you know that the standard has changed. You need a 70% or better on each test. It is no longer an overall average of 70%.

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