Border Patrol Agent

I am the spouse of an applicant. What will my life be like at the new duty station?

What your lifestyle is like will largely depend on where you are stationed. If it is a rural area and you are used to city life, you may be surprised by the change. You may have to drive a long distance to get reasonable grocery prices and selection. You may live in an area where you and your children are a racial or ethnic minority. Exotic foods, different languages being spoken, signs on stores written in a language you don’t understand can all make culture shock a possibility. If you are able, you might consider taking a Spanish course while your spouse is at the Academy. Employment for you may or may not be available, depending on location. If you are stationed close to the border, you may want to consider federal employment for yourself (also as a Border Patrol Agent, a Customs Border Protection Officer, or other federal worker.) Though there can be significant challenges for the spouse of a Border Patrol Agent, it can also be an adventure. And we are working all the time to help you meet the challenges that do exist.

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