Border Patrol Agent

Spanish TBLT Program

Spanish Language Training enables interns to communicate effectively with those people they will encounter in the field who speak only Spanish. This is a critical element of the job because over 90% of the more than one million undocumented aliens apprehended each year speaks only Spanish.

The Spanish taught at the Border Patrol Academy is very specialized. Our staff provides an 8-week Task-Based Language Training program that is focused on critical Border Patrol-specific tasks. Soon after arriving for 55-days of basic academy training, all students are tested on their language abilities. Those who fall below a benchmark score that has been established by the language training experts and Academy subject matter experts are assigned a Spanish class that will begin upon successful completion of the 55-day program. Proficient Spanish speakers will report directly to their duty stations to begin Post Academy Training.

Students must be able to understand and employ law enforcement-specific language unique to the Border Patrol Agent’s work environment as well as be able to solicit information and use colloquial phrases and idiomatic expressions. Instructors use a wide variety of the most modern methods available in second language acquisition methodology to provide students with an exciting, creative, and challenging course that will enable them to remain safe and effective in the field.

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